Apps for language development

Our educational apps for speech therapy and for learning English as a second language.

Lexico Cognition

Lexico Cognition promotes language development for children and adults in a playful way. The focus is on language comprehension training, vocabulary building, memory and auditory training.

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Lexico Articulation

Lexico Articulation is a popular tool to help train the pronunciation of consonants and to improve phonological awareness through flash card exercises and game play. It is used in speech therapy for language impairment, for dysarthria or aphasia therapy and for the acquisition of reading and writing.

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Spelling Expert

Spelling Expert can be used both for practicing individual spelling problems and for memorizing words in foreign languages. A clear design and a simple structure of the program enable an efficient and successful way to exercise.

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Speech Therapy pack

Our speech therapy bundle offers the apps Lexico Cognition Pro and Articulation pro for a reduced price.