Lexico Articulation

Lexico Articulation is a phonetic-phonological-based exercise aid for speech therapy / speech therapy work with children and adults.


Lexico Articulation offers three different exercises with a total of more than 1000 cards , which are available in image, text and audio, for all English consonants. A large number of setting options and the inclusion of sound position andsyllable recognition allow the app to be used not only for speech acquisition disorders, dysarthria or aphasia therapy, but also to aquire reading skills. The extensive protocols of the exercises results support professional work.

Free practice with cards. You can record yourself and listen to it.

In the singleplayer game, the right attributes have to be matched to the card. (number of syllables or phonetic position)

The two-player game is played against each other. The winner is whoever has assigned all attributes first.

The properties of Lexico articulation in a nutshell

  • Lexico Articulation was conceived and developed by experienced specialists in speech therapy, education, media and computer science.
  • Exercises for all English consonant sounds
  • Extensive exercise material Lexico Articulation contains over 1000 cards with images, text and audio recordings.
  • Three exercise modes
    1. Free practice with cards. whereby the sounds of the learner can be assessed and recorded.
    2. Single-player game: game for independent practice in which the cards are assigned to attributes (number of syllables or sound position).
    3. Two-player game: 2 players play against each other: the one who first assigned all the selected attributes (number of syllables, sound position) to the cards wins.
  • Versatile use
    • Can be used to treat speech and language disorders of various origins such as phonetic-phonological disorders, dysarthria, apraxia or aphasia.
    • Lexico Articulation is also suitable for learning to read and write, or to learn English as a second language.
  • For learners of all ages

  • Individual settings The multitude of setting options offer a high degree of versatility. The appearance of the exercise cards as images, text or audio and the complexity of the syllable borders (multiple consonance) can be freely combined. Recording functions, scores and ratings can be switched on or off.

  • Comprehensive logs In the logbook, protocols of the exercise results can be saved, commented on and sent by email. This facilitates the documentation of exercises and exercise sequences as well as the exchange with exercise partners of your clients. The number of logs is unlimited.


For iPad and Mac (Macs with m1-processors).


Lexico Articulation Pro is the full version and contains all sounds.


Lexico Articulation is available as a free download from the App Store; the free version contains the sound “L”. The other sounds can be unlocked either individually or as a bundle by an in-app purchase.

Speech Therapy pack

Our speech therapy bundle offers the apps Lexico Cognition Pro and Articulation pro for a reduced price.