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Lexico Articulation is a popular tool to help train the pronunciation of consonants and to improve phonological awareness through flash card exercises and game play. It is used in speech therapy for language impairment, for dysarthria or aphasia therapy and for the acquisition of reading and writing.
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Available as a free or a full version: Lexico Articulation / Lexico Articulation Pro



Lexico Cognition is an App to develop language understanding, vocabulary building, cognitive, memory and auditory skills in a playful way. A simple, logical user interface and attractive images motivate even younger children to work independently.
For speech therapy after a stroke or head trauma, Lexico Cognition offers a new approach to understanding concepts and vocabulary. Patients (accompanied or alone) can work with a engaging tool in the rehabilitation of their language skills.
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Available as a free or a full version: Lexico Cognition / Lexico Cognition Pro
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Developed with students and teachers, this versatile app is used to improve spelling skills and to learn new words in foreign languages.
The clear design and the simple structure of the program help to progress efficiently.
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Available as a free or a full version : Spelling Expert Light / Spelling Expert

Speech Therapy Pack


This bundle offers Lexico Articulation Pro and Lexico Cognition Pro for a reduced price.

Available at the App Store.